Sunday, June 13, 2010

ROMP this!

During the summer, I always stock up on cute summer dresses. But last week at Target while I was looking for some cute sun dresses, all I could hear were these ROMPERS screaming at me! I bought 2, and next thing you know this week I'm back for more! I can't get enough of them!

Here I'm wearing one of the rompers I bought last week from Target ($19.99! -- hello great deal!). I paired it with a cardigan just incase I got cold indoors. We went to an outdoor church bazaar afterwards & so the cardigan got stuffed into the car & hello shoulders!

Don't mind the messy room, it's my sisters. She has a bigger mirror than I do (probably a bigger mirror than most do! What can I say, she loves herself haha). What do you guys think of rompers yay or nay?

ps- my old time childhood bff has a blogger now! She is amazing at makeup go and check her out!! Link here *hearts*

ppss- Thanks for all the suggestions on my comment etiquette question I asked in my last post. For now, I think it will be easier to respond on the other person's blog. I think for people with a lot more followers it's just easier to respond to their blog post since they have many more people to respond to :P

OH AND also, don't think I forgot the awards & tags I've been nominated for Mimi, Grace, and PinkOrchids Those posts are coming soon to a blog (well mine) near you!