Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 Random Facts

I guess the 1st few posts should tell a little about me.

So here are 5 random facts about me:

1. I love the smell of Vicks
When browsing candle websites for their "relaxing" scents, they usually have eucalyptus & mint,
but they're always sure to add without the vicks smell.
BUT I LIKE the Vicks smell!!

2. I don't leave the gas pump unless the $ amount ends in a 5 or 0

3. I love to read -- I can't stop reading in the middle of a chapter though, and I won't put down the book unless I end on an even chapter number.

4. I would consider myself to have ranidaphobia and achluophobia

5. When I get nervous, I bite the skin between my thumb & index finger (you know, the webbed part?)

So, there it is. 5 Random Facts About Me.


Jenny said...

i love the smell of vicks too :D bahahha

yay for starting out to blog again :) you have yourself a new follower, check out mine :)

woman:confused said...

#2 and #3 - ditto!!

Nicole Joy said...

Im having a Lush giveaway for all my fellow beauty lovers! or :o)

Anonymous said...

Agreed on 1, 2 and 3 haha I'm glad to know someone else is OCD about these things!! xxx