Monday, July 19, 2010

Pudgy Pics (Project Skinny Bitch Day 1)

Some of you doubt that I need to lose weight. So I have (hesitantly) decided to post some "before" pictures of me. As you can tell I can easily stand to lose at least 10 lbs.

Starting weight: 116.2

Today started day 1 of project Skinny Bitch. The book is really based on turning you vegan, and although they make some good points, I'm not sure the vegan lifestyle is for me. I'm sticking to the diet plan as close as I can though.

1/2 of a 170 gram container of soy yogurt
1/2 mango
1/2 banana
1 honeycot (had no idea what this was, decided to try it out, I could do without this fruit in my life)

1/2 Peanut Butter Cookie LARA Bar

1 BOCA meatless chicken patty between
Orowheat sandwich thins (whole grain)
and a tablespoon of Dijonaise

Baby green salad with:
egg (not recommended in the book)
red onion
2 TBSP of Olive oil & vinegar dressing with a squeeze of lemon juice

2nd Snack:
3 Dates

I didn't make it to the gym today [insert excuse about being in summer school and working]. Really though there should be NO EXCUSE. Tomorrow I plan to wake up early and hit the gym, instead of trying to go after work.

&& Also I'd like to say, although I'm giving myself 30 days to lose weight, I will continue to learn from this new diet and apply to my lifestyle. I want to make this a lifestyle change.


Christine said...

Sounds great! I think I'll pick up that Skinny Bitch book too. A little inspiration can really help to push ya into action. God knows I could stand to lose a few pounds, tone up and eat healthier.


Kristie said...

Best of luck with your diet!

Yoonji Rachel Cho said...

Hi, new follower here.
Reading your post made me want to buy that book. I need to lose some... or no a lot of weight. Keep us posted on your lifestyle change :)

Anonymous said...


PinkOrchids said...

Goodluck on your diet hun, woah that's a lot of fruit and veg! Damn, i hate fruit and veg... >.<

Winnie* said...

Good Luck! but honestly you are not fat! you only weigh 116! Just work out sometimes to stay healthy :)

Tara said...

I still haventshed my winter weight, lol. I need to get to it!! Goodluck Dear.

Anonymous said...

good luck baby !

Anh Nguyen said...

let me know how it goes!

Sarah said...

well, good luck with the diet- don't restrict yourself too much sweetie- you look great as you are! xx

Nikki San said...

Oh good luck Emily!!! =)